Miguel Torres Developer, dog owner, passionate about code, languages, travelling.

My Expertise

Back End Developer focused on Ruby on Rails. Experience working with API’s, PostgreSQL, webpacker, Test Driven Development, JavaScript, and Vue.js. Part of Gorails team since May 2017

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It's a meal-sharing web app that allows users to to publish dinners. When a user publishes a dinner, he/she specifies what he/she will be cooking, location, time, categories (f.e. vegetarian), how many guest does can he/she host and how much he is going to charge each guest to help out with the cost of groceries.

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Test Driven Development

TDD's benefits are no secret, so it's important to be familar with the frameworks used and how to test stuff, I've made a couple of projects dedicated exclusively to practice TDD in RSpec and other tools like the Faker gem and FactoryBot.


Trello clone

Trello clone with using Vue.js and AJAX. Add lists and cards, move them around, watch it all work thanks to Vue and Vuex for State Magagement, check out the app or the code

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